Writer's Block

Oh to write something more than worthless drivel!
Oh to string words that form a story once again!

Am I cursed or just uninspired?
How can I look beyond the mundane world and walk the unknown paths of the imagination?

Where has my gift of gab gone?
Did I misplace it during my endless quest to live life in reality rather than in fantasy?

What does it look like and will it return?
Will I know it when it does?

Why does such nonsense flow from a mind capable of so much more?
Where did the stories go and the plots?

The characters? The backdrops?
Did someone steal the whole show?

Where is my muse vacationing?
I would love to join them there, if only for a brief respite from this pain.

This curse …
Writer’s Block! Argh!

(Written July 2003)


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