Stock issues, stock non-issues and yarn stock

Saturday - 19 January 2013

Not much happened today. Mom and I went to Makro to buy cat food for the fussy furry hoard. We're battling to find decent boxes of their normal favourite, Friskies jellys, as most shops appear to be running low on stock. Is the supplier having issues? TamTams pretty much refuses most of the other brands of food so I hope we find some soon.

I'd sent CafePress an email to enquire about returning two t-shirts as they were way too big. They responded to say that they would send me the replacement shirts at no extra cost and that a return wasn't necessary as they didn't want me to have to incur any further shipping costs. This is so nice of them and so good to know that there are still people out there who care about us poor Saffa's down here.

The rest of the day was spent watching The X-files, dozing on the couch and surfing for knitting and crochet patterns. I need something to keep me busy and to start getting my mind active again. I also have a stash of yarns that seriously need to get busted (read: used.)

This picture kinda explains some of my feelings on why I knit!


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