Revamped me

Thursday - 31 January 2013

I woke late-ish this morning. Too much to do to risk any real attempt at clearing my sleep debt. I really wish this insomnia cycle would just bugger off and die in a corner some where.

We fetched another one of my CafePress deliveries from the Post Office while on route to get my hair done this afternoon.

I wanted something lighter/brighter (more highlights) and to lose the pink streaks. First re-colour though was a pink-purple and it nearly made me cry as it wasn't the colour I wanted. I'm much more a blue-purple girl and I love my signature colour! (My awesome stylist fixed it with our normal Goldwell Elumin VV!) Needed a new cut too. Lose the mohawk and rather have a pixie cut. Something cute and sexy. Revamped me to go with revamped website.

I've done all the planning, practice runs and theme changes. I'm now ready to upgrade, update and upstyle my website. I even have the witty text for "Come back later, we is changing shit" written up and ready to go. All planned to happen over this weekend.

It's a bleeping hot night in Cape Town and there is nothing else I like on a night like tonight, or any other night, than a FEVER! Yip, cruising at 38C again. Where are my cold compress dabbers? And my palm-frond wavers?