Outfits for hatchlings

Tuesday - 29 January 2013

Today I decided to focus on baby-things I can make for my friends. As I don't have kids but have a fair number of friends who do have kids, I put the question out on twitter "What do new 1st time moms actually need?" I know that they will get swamped with cute newborn outfits at their showers and as I was wanting to knit them baby sets, I needed to know how to size them.

Recommendations were to go one or two sizes up from the new born size and label the items appropriately. I was worried that as the princesses are all due in July, knitting something in the 3-6 month category wouldn't really work as it's September by then and getting warm. I was assured though that layering still happens and that babies tend to be colder than adults.

Searching around on Ravelry.com, my favourite pattern site and yarn community, I found the cutest patterns. Crocodile stitch crocheted "Dragon Scale" booties, a matching hat/bonnet and the beautiful Dragon-skin wrap I've been wanting to knit for ages. I had already started one of the dragon-skin wraps in the purple DK cotton I had stashed as I don't believe in showering little girls in too much pink. The patterns are just so me, that I have to make the sets up. Now just to get a move on so I can deliver the presents before the babies are delivered. *grin*

That brought me back to the thought my lil sis and I shared on Sunday night, and that I've shared with another preggy friend too. We have both have tumours in our "tummys". She will give birth to hers in July and I hopefully with have mine removed by then too. We laughed and she nudged that perhaps I should ask my surgeon to put it in a jar for me to take home.

After a few fever soaked nights, my bed needed airing. I striped the linen off to be washed this morning, hung the comforter and pillows out to air and opened the windows in the bedroom to air the mattress out. Evening now and I need fresh linen for the bed but the cupboard is in about as worse a state as my wardrobe was at the beginning of the year. What does my maid smoke when she is packing things away? Will she share it with me?

I opened an unbeer (0.4% Paulaner Half-Weiss) with dinner which made this process all that more interesting. After getting interrupted twice by the parentals, I put some music on and tried to make more sense of the linen cupboard mess. I found it very amusing that I felt tingeing on tipsy from such a light beer. Maybe it was the combination with the pain meds I take?

Finally finding matching linen, I also rotated the mattress. Oh yeah! Back support! I know I'll be stiff in the morning but this is worth it! Unfortunately doing this also showed that it's the bed itself that's sagging in the middle, not the mattress that has collapsed as this one is only a few months old now.