Nearly stilnox'ed into tomorrow

Sunday - 3 February 2013

Well, the Stilnox worked. I would say like a dream but there was no dreaming and instead of the 8 hours uninterrupted sleep my shrink said this slow release version would give, I slept for over 12. I do remember taking my 06h00 treatment meds, my 08h00 other meds and getting up to feed the cat but beyond that, nothing. Even when I did wake, I was left with a fuzzy "skin and world feel so very touchable" feeling that lasted the rest of the day.

As expected no blogging took place, the website was not upgraded and nothing else productive happened either. Well, I lie. In bonding with my couch, I managed to add about 20 rows to the left front of the baby wrap I'm knitting so that must count towards a day not entirely wasted.

Utopia (Tv Series) posterI also watched the first episode of Utopia. Very interesting but I do have to warn that it is a Channel 4 show and that British TV is not like US TV, particularly when it comes to shows about paranoia and "big brother is watching" which are two of the major themes in this 6 part series. Do go have a look at the official website, The Utopia Inquiry. It's fairly creepy on its own.

A blurb for the series:

"The Utopia Experiments is a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery. But when a small group of previously unconnected people find themselves in possession of an original manuscript, their lives suddenly and brutally implode.

Targeted swiftly and relentlessly by a murderous organisation known as The Network, the terrified group are left with only one option if they want to survive: they have to run."

It has that gritty UK feeling, not to the same depth that Luther or Fades carried it, but most shows would be hard pressed to go where Luther went IMO. I'm a fan of British television of this sort - not the Mr Bean sort. No matter how they dress Rowan Atkinson up, he is still Mr Bean and I loathe Mr Bean. While we're talking British shows, I'm also not a major Monty Python fan. Before you bring out your pitchforks and start trying to see if I weigh about the same as a wooden log, I do appreciate some of their humour as it is clever and some of the songs are catchy (The Lumberjack Song and Philosopher's Song as examples I enjoy), they're just not my cup of tea and I find large parts of the movies and skits annoying rather than humorous.

Moving swiftly along, my awesome news of the week: My wonderful cousin, Kirsty-Kate, as been admitted to the High Court and is now a full-fledged lawyer. This has come at the end of a five year slog, with many more downs than ups, and I extremely happy for her. Friday also marked her 5yr anniversary with her beloved Sean. They are awesome couple, who always stand together in the face of anything thrown their way. He reminds me a lot of my brother in some ways but more importantly, takes very good care of my cousin. I wish them many more years together.

Cape Town's Red Hot Chili Peppers concert is Tuesday (as in day after tomorrow) and I needed to get my butt in gear to find buddies to go with me. Originally Kirsty and Sean were going to go with me (+1 other person) but as Kirsty has court early Wednesday morning, they had to bail. Putting word out on Facebook, quickly sorted out a group and strangely 3 of us are the strange "kids" at work. Barring any untoward circumstances: @aj_venter, @madgrrl69 and DanielB will be going with me. The tickets are seated tickets but not far off from where friends and I were for Coldplay so it should still rock.

My brother, Glen, was cycling in the UK during Autumn and will likely start again once the snow is past. He uses the BikeLogic app to track his routes and I wanted to look into it a bit more. The app is nice but I think I'll stick to RunKeeper for now so as to keep everything centralised and allow for easy upload to Fitocracy too. I've been wanting to get a bike for so long now and the end is edging closer day by day as a wear down my mother's resistance to the idea. (Borrowing someone else's bike to try out is becoming difficult to arrange.)

In trying to find a bike rental place in Cape Town and I came a cross a fairly decent site that I now don't have the details for because of one simple reason: all their links to external pages used the same tab as the one of the site. This is a serious no-no in the world of "Ooo a squirrel" browsing where you want to hold a user onto your website for as long as possible. External links, being links that go to pages not controlled by your domain (ie. Facebook and Twitter), should open in new tabs or windows not the same one as your website. Don't rely on users using the back button to return to your website, they will get distracted and move on because they are now some where else.

Setting this up is not hard and should be a given for any basic CMS or blogging framework. To set it up manually on a link, add 'target="_blank"' inside the <a href=""> tag. [Example: <a href="" target="_blank">Go to Google</a>] Both Facebook and Twitter, along with host of other social network sites, offer widgets and buttons that allow users to "like a page" or "follow on twitter" without the user even opening another tab. Use them, they are well worth it. Trust me on this.

(Should I mail the website with this suggestion should I ever find them again?)

Anyway, enough ranting for now, another early night for me as I'm still not feeling well. No StilNox though as I would like to function tomorrow and spend the day writing/blogging and perhaps reading the book on story engineering I bought ages ago.


Uptopia is great but..

I watched the entire Channel 4 series in one night and I thought it was really good. I read somewhere that the series got loads of complaints from viewers because of the bad language and violent scenes. Have they ever seen American shows like the Sopranoes? Utopia is tame!