Keep Calm and Knit On!

Sunday - 20 January 2013

Another day of The X-Files, couch bonding and cat entertaining. This time mixed up with some knitting. I have a three friends currently preggers and due in July. Two so far are having girls, one is still hoping for a boy. Such begins my first round of knitting for babies. I just hope I get things finished in time for the debuts!

For a long time I've eyed the Dragon-Skin Wrap, a kimono style baby wrap using the dragon-skin pattern as added texture to the simple shape. I bought the pattern today as it is unisex enough to suit my purposes (I don't believe in things being overly pink and girly for girl babies), and also the dragon-skin pattern is one of my favourites to knit as it's just so me.

I decided to start this in the purple cotton I have and quickly was making headway. Knitting with circular needles is not something I'm used to, particularly for back-and-forth or straight knitting and were quite a pain to work with. I understand that they will be more useful when both the side are joined and I'm working across the back and down the sleeves but it is still awkward.

Late in the evening I had mom rush me off quickly to Canal Walk. I needed ink for my IntelliPen, wanted a set of straight needles and also to pop into the Columbia shop again. I just can't seem to resist that shop and its wonderful range of UV protective clothing.

I'm excited about this knitting but I can also see that it could keep me up at night. I'll just take that like I take everything these days - one day at a time.


Awesome! That is so cute!

Awesome! That is so cute! Wish I knew how to knit. 

Adorable! Would love one like

Adorable! Would love one like that for myself but it is way beyond my skill level :(

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